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Right is The Soul of Life Two days National Conference On Society, State, Law and We the People of India New How to Manage Your Life and Work... Dignified And Managed Life Is Your Right...

All Indian Rights Organization (AIRO)

To live in a certain geographia does not manifest one’s right to be a true/real citizen of that country. The Law or Constitution of a country decides only parameters of citizenship and if any one fulfils it, he/she may be a legal citizen of that country, but ethics, values and self consciousness are some other parameters which decide whether a person has/ has not the quality to be a citizen of that country.

If a person, who lives in a country gets job, livelihood and protection but does not know his/her right in that country, may be subjected to violence of some kind or the other. In general practice when we talk about common law which empowers a person as real citizen, almost every person denies to have any concern with it. And that is the reason why we find dozens of stories of Human Rights Violation across the country and at the global level as well. To lead a life of equality and dignity, one needs to adhere to common features of Human Rights as described in the Charter of United Nation Organisation (UNO). The tenets of Human Rights of UNO may or may not have been incorporated by any country of this globe according to their law and constitution for the protection of Human Rights. Violation of Human Rights is not a rare subject on the path of human cultural evolution.